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Sports Hula Hoop

Sports Hula Hoop

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Use only 5 minutes per day and see significant waist trims and fat loss in less than 2 weeks. Its wavy ridges design delivers high impact massage evenly around the waist. Plus:

  1. Weight and fat loss.
  2. Slimmer waistline.
  3. GS certified safety standards & environmentally friendly.
  4. Boosts cardio workout results.
  5. Improves posture and blood circulation.
  6. Core muscles workouts.
  7. USPTO trademarked wavy ridges design and brand. GS certified. Exceeds international safety and quality standards. 
  8. Easily attachable/detachable into 6-8 smaller pieces, depending on size hoop.
  9. Great for storage and easy to carry around.
  10. Comfortable foam paddings. High quality, durable plastic.
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