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Laser Hair Removal | Epilator

Laser Hair Removal | Epilator

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MLAY T7 IPL Hair Removal Epilator

Light-emitting area: 3.5x3.5cm

Dimensions: 170x77x41.5mm

Overall weight: 250g

Output power: 48W (12V/4A)

The machine is small and easy to use

500,000 times of light

Continuous hair removal, visible results in 3-4 weeks

Lighting method: manual and sliding two light-emitting methods

Full body available

High-energy hair removal effect is good, using imported quartz lamps, long service life

Energy for 7-13 joule 1-gear -5 geat 7.1J-8.6J-10.2J-11.7J-13.2J

A light window covers an area of 3.9

IPL Photo nic hair removal apparatus

Three kinds of lamp holder can be changed Quartz lamp tube,good depilation effect

Want to wear beautiful

suspenders,skirts But it's too haiy Sory to put
it on

The depilator gives you a smooth
and tender skin


IPL targets the pigment in hairs,heating up the follicle,damag-ing the cells which cause hair growth.The hair is prevented from growing any further.IPL fo hair removal is one of the most effective methods for hair removal

Need to continue to use correct for two months

1~4WEEKS Hair began to fall out naturally
4~8WEEKS Hair is well controlled
8 WEEKS LATER Say goodbye to repeated hair removal
Five levels of energy regulation, give you more care
For the first time, it is recommended to start the test from the first level and increase it gradually according to the application degree of your skin

Displays the number of rounds remaining

Quartz lamp is safe and reliable,and the effect is better Mlay product Interface gold-plated

lamp type
HR/ hair removal,SR/ skin rejuvenation, AC/ aane clearance

Manual and automatic mode

Single flash or double flash depending on muscle Choose sparkle with your skin

Automatic light emitting
large area continuous flashing
Suitable for large area of hair removal such as thigh and arm

Manual light out/
small area single flash
Suitable for armpit bikini and other small areas of hair removal

How to USE

Suggest that the first month to use 2-3 times per week, the second month using it twice a week, after 2 months use 1 times a month, used to maintain the effect .The higher the gear, the better the results

Choose the right skin color and body parts

Hair removal instrument for black skin has no effect

White skin, black hair the best effect

We have passed the American FDA certificate

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