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Brazilian Wax | Course

Brazilian Wax | Course

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Waxing | Course | Tips & Tricks

Afro Herbalist provides comprehensive, quality waxing and hair

removal courses in the United States to help you make your beauty

dreams a reality! Assistance/

Virtual assistance is available forever, you

will be added to our private group for support.


Topics include skin analysis, hygiene, various waxing techniques,

product knowledge, client consultation, and post-treatment care.

Hands-on practice and demonstrations are essential to mastering skills

in this course.


1. Introduction to Waxing:
- Overview of waxing as a hair removal method.
- Importance of professionalism and hygiene.

2. Anatomy and Skin Analysis:
- Understanding skin types and conditions.
- Identifying contraindications for waxing.

3. Waxing Techniques:
- Theory and practice of different waxing methods (strip wax, hard wax).
- Precision and speed in application.

4. Product Knowledge:
- Understanding various waxes, pre and post-waxing products.
- Choosing products based on client needs.

5. Client Consultation:
- Effective communication and client assessment.
- Addressing client concerns and expectations.

6. Practical Sessions:
- Hands-on practice with models.
- Feedback and guidance from instructors.

7. Pain Management:
- Tips for minimizing discomfort during waxing.
- Techniques for working with sensitive areas.

8. Salon and Business Practices:
- Setting up a waxing station.
- Marketing and client retention strategies.

9. Health and Safety:
- Ensuring a clean and safe environment.
- Infection control and sanitation procedures.

10. Client Aftercare:
- Educating clients on post-waxing care.
- Handling potential complications.

11. Troubleshooting:
- Common challenges and how to overcome them.
- Addressing client complaints professionally.

12. Final Assessment:
- Practical and theoretical evaluations.
- Certification and next steps. 




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